• How do I make a booking?

    Booking can be made through the Whissh mobile application(app), or on via our website.

  • What are the personal details you need from me?

    Only when you have decided to book a service with us, we will ask for some of your personal details (like your name, phone number, email address, your residential address and credit card details).

  • How much do I have to pay to engage your services?

    Simply start making a booking using our mobile app. Once we know some details (like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms), a price will be quoted automatically.

  • Will there be a surcharge for sessions booked on weekends or public holiday?

    Yes, there will be a $10.00 surcharge for cleaning sessions on weekends and public holiday.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    You may cancel a booking but it should be done 48 hours before the scheduled time and date. However, if you wish cancel your booking less than 48 hours there will be a cancellation fee.

  • How do I contact Whissh?

    Our customer experience team uses email to handle the vast majority of cases. For urgent matters, please contact us at +65 6221 8626 (Our hotline operating hours is from 9.00am – 9.00pm daily)

  • How do I enquire or order a Move In/ Out, Post Renovation and Spring Cleaning Service?

    Kindly contact us at +65 6221 8626 should you require such services. Our operator will be ready to answers to your enquires. A quotation will then be sent to your email. (Our hotline operating hours is from 9.00am – 9.00pm daily)


  • Are your service crews physically fit to clean my house?

    Yes, most definitely. All our service crews are physically fit and they have undergone a series of domestic cleaning trials assessed by certified trainer.

  • Have your service crews undergone any background checks?

    Yes, all our service crews have undergone background checks validated by the Singapore government.

  • Where do I provide feedback about your service crew?

    At the end of every cleaning session, you will be invited to review the crew’s performance. Please give us your honest feedback, we will continue do what is good and rectify what is not so good.

  • Will I be assigned the same service crew for all my bookings?

    We will try our best to assign the same service crew. If your preferred service crew is unable during your requested session, we will assign another service crew to you.

  • What happens if your service crew don’t turn up?

    here may be unforeseen circumstances where our service crew is unable to make specific sessions, you will be notified (via our mobile application and phone call) and a replacement will be assigned to you if available. Alternatively, you may choose to cancel or reschedule the session at no additional charges.


  • Do I have to be at home during the cleaning?

    You are recommended to remain at home during the duration of the cleaning session. However, if you are unable to be at home, kindly contact our office +65 6221 8626 to advise the entry instructions. For example: where our service crews can locate the key and even provide them with any special instructions regarding the cleaning.

  • Is it safe to leave my valuables around at home while the service crews are cleaning?

    Our services crews have been background checked and brief about the do and don’ts while they are performing their duty. Nevertheless, we recommend that you should keep your valuables away to avoid any dispute.

  • Does your cleaning package include marble floor polishing?

    Our standard cleaning package does not include marble floor polishing. Please refer to our home cleaning page for detailed cleaning scope.

  • Does your cleaning package include cleaning of all windows and window grills?

    Our standard cleaning package does not include cleaning of all windows and window grills. Unless it is move in/ move out cleaning. Please refer to our home cleaning for detailed cleaning scope.

  • Will your service crew finish his/ her task within the stipulated time?

    Our service crews have been trained and briefed to follow a systematic of performing the cleaning job. They have a checklist to follow and this will allow the service crews to complete all tasks in a prompt manner.

  • Do I have to provide all the cleaning equipment and solutions?

    Yes, do ensure you have the cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops, rags, scrub, pails, ladder/stool and vacuum cleaners as well as sufficient quantities of cleaning solutions. If you need us to provide such items, there will be additional cost.


  • What’s the difference in pricing for sessions on weekdays, weekends and public holidays?

    The pricing for all weekdays is the same. For weekends and public holiday sessions, there will be a surcharge of $10.00.

  • What is the mode of payment?

    Payment is made ahead of the cleaning sessions. You may pay securely by debit, credit card and PayPal online (via our mobile app and website). Unfortunately, payment by cash to our service crew at the end of the session is not possible.

  • Can I pay for my cleaning in cash?

    Unfortunately, no, all our service crew are instructed not to accept any form of cash. Payment is made ahead of the cleaning sessions. You may pay securely by debit, credit card and PayPal online (via our mobile app and website).

  • Keep getting error on the payment page.

    Please ensure that you have keyed in your card details into the required fields accurately. You may also want to try using another card to fulfil the payment. Please contact us via +65 6221 8626 if the error persist.

  • Where do I find my invoices?

    A copy of an invoice will be sent to your registered email automatically upon payment made.

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